Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Using A Bird Feeder To Get A Better View

In this video the squirrel is spying on me and wondering what that funny thing in my hand is that we call a video camera.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Squirrels Fool A Baffle

Squirrels can get around a baffle pretty easily. They have hands for feet and can go upside down better than the best mountain climber on earth. Squirrels can also jump up from below. They then cling on. To make matters even worse squirrels eat the seeds upside down!


Squirrel Behavior That Indicates A Failed Baffle

When a squirrel swings on the bird feeder for amusement you may need to get a different squirrel guard system. Unless of course you derive extreme pleasure from feeding the squirrels like myself. Nothing is greater than seeing a large squirrel with a full belly.


Do The Mushroom Squirrel Baffles Work?

In the world of squirrel baffles one must go extreme to keep the hungry squirrel from the seeds. In this video the baffle is not extreme enough.


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